Nauticus PR500 Trim Plate Retractor Kit

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Nauticus PR500 Trim Plate Retractor Kit


PR500 Pro Troller adapter kit for Smart Tabs series.

Not only can the PR500 Plate Retractor Kit turn regular Smart Tabs into Pro Trollers, but by simply mounting the brackets the other way, you can turn any set of trim tabs into Plate Retractors!!! Now your trim tabs can be retracted to avoid damage while beaching your boat for some great summer fun or for that annual trip to the storage warehouse.
And yes it is that simple!!!

Kit contains two adapters.

(The PR500 replaces transom bracket #TB1007)

Note: The PR500 is not compatible with the Smart Tabs SX Series trim tabs.

Part Number: NT-PR500

Weight: 1 lbs.
Ships From: OH