AERÉ Inflatable Jet Ski Dock

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AERÉ Inflatable Jet Ski Dock

AERÉ® Inflatable Jet Ski Dock - Measures 18 feet wide and 10 feet deep, the dock is large enough for two jet skis to fit comfortably inside. Water ballast bags on the corners for extra stability. The surface of the dock is covered in an incredibly strong, non-slip material to prevent injuries. No longer have to worry about guests hitting your stern when bringing the jet skis back in. Surface surrounded by D-rings for easy attachment of both the dock to the stern of the boat, as well as the jet skis to the dock itself. Incredibly durable, but easily inflates and then deflates for storage.

Part Number: AE-0175-SKI2-GRY

Weight: 200 lbs.
Ships From: FL