Stow 'N Go Dock Box Triangle 27.5" X 54" - Taylor Made

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  • Manufactured out of marine grade and corrosion proof fiberglass.
  • Includes a UV gelcoat finish.
  • Stainless steel lockable dock box latch.
  • Stainless steel hardware is designed for even the harshest marine environments.
  • Gas shock lifts (pneumatic lid lifts) included.
  • Shocks prevent the lid rocking on docks and allows for a more controlled closing of the dock box lid.
  • Feature a smooth interior finish to prevent splinters.
This triangular dock box is a great addition to any boat dock and eliminates the need to haul marine gear to and from your boat each time you take it out. Dock boxes manufactured by Taylor Made marine products are quickly become a favorite amongst boat owners nationwide due to their high quality construction that provides years of dependable service.

Part Number: TMP-83561

Weight: 60 lbs.
Ships From: NY