Brownell Sailboat Stand, 24" - 36"

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Brownell Sailboat Stand, 24" - 36"


Brownell Sailboat Stands are nestable and the most modern, inexpensive, safe method of shoring up boats. They are easily adjusted. Constructed of steel tubing for highest quality and strength. All bases are totally submerged in paint to ensure full coverage inside and out.

Note, the weight of the boat must rest on blocks placed under the keel before stands are installed. For powerboats, use motorboat stands with straight centerline tubes instead.

Use a minimum of 6 boat stands with sailboats. Pulling the boat out of the water with the mast left stepped is becoming increasingly popular. This factor can contribute to increased strain on the boat by winds during winter storms, and extra precautions should be taken. If the sailboat mast is left stepped, extra boat stands should be used. If the boat is heavy at the bow or stern, an extra stand may be placed at the bow or stern to relieve the pressure. In addition, we offer a V-top suitable for the bow or stern.

Part Number: BBS-SB-4

Size: 25.5"L x 25"W x 24"H
Weight: 30 lbs.
Ships From: MA