TitanSTOR Medium Poly Dock Box - OMC

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OMC Polyethylene Dock Boxesare the toughest premium eco-friendly dock boxes in the marine industry. All dock boxes come with the industry’s only CRACK-PROOF GUARANTEE.

OMC's dock boxes are constructed of rotational-molded polyethylene giving it much more durability and versatility than fiberglass dock boxes. Dock boxes are indestructible having been battle-tested via extreme measures fully testing its strength. Dock boxes do not crack or warp, successfully weathering the continuous wrath of mother-nature and everyday wear-and-tear.

  • Lock set and mounting kit included
  • Eco-friendly and UV-resistant.
  • Indestructible material.
  • Molded-in tamper/theft resistant hinges.
  • Inability to crack even with heavy static weight on lid or children jumping up and down on lid.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures.
  • Hinges will not allow lid to blow off from gusts of high-winds.
  • Easily mountable to docks or bracket off docks to save space.
  • Less expensive, yet more durable than fiberglass.
  • Marine grade polyethylene.
10-year limited manufacturers warranty

Part Number: OMI-35-15004

Size: 71"L x 24"W x 27"H
Weight: 85 lbs.
Ships From: MO