Autotether Solo Fisherman Wireless Lanyard System (1 Host & 1 Receiver)

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Autotether Solo Fisherman Wireless Lanyard System (1 Host & 1 Receiver)


Solo  Fisherman Wireless Lanyard System (1 Host & 1 Receiver)

 This system includes:

  • 1 emergency stop switch (kill switch) clip
  • 1 receiver
  • 1 personal sensors
  • AAA batteries
  • Owner's Manual
  • 1 Belt clips
  • 1 Velcro straps
 AUTOTETHER wireless lanyard that offers enhanced safety and freedom to the operator and others on board!
Why Autotether

Protection for you and your passengers:

  • It will protect the operator AND others including pets allowing unrestricted movement about the boat. If the operator falls overboard, the motor will be shut off and an alarm will sound or if a passenger falls in the water an alarm will sound

More Freedom:

  • When you're on the water you want to be free to move about your boat. You can't do that with a hard-wired kill switch because you are "chained" to your boat's ignition

Less hassle:

  • It's too easy for old-fashioned kill switch cords to get tangled or caught

No  surprises:

  • Having your engine make an unexpected stop at high speed because you accidentally disconnected you hard-wired cord from your boat's ignition is a dangerous condition, you have none of this with Autotether

No headaches:

  • Hooking and unhooking yourself from your boat's ignition is a headache; you have none of this with Autotether  

Better  Safety:

  • Hard-wired kill switches protect ONLY the operator; not so with Autotether which protects others onboard as well. It not only stops the motor so you can get back in, but also stops the motor so the boat does not keep going and hit someone or another vessel.

Simple installation. No wiring needed.

  • Mount the receiver to the boat near the ignition simply by peeling the adhesive strips and then attach the clip to the kill switch. There is no wiring into the boats electrical system. Attach the personal sensor, turn the Autotether system on and your ready to go, protected with peace of mind.

Portable from boat to beach.

  • Autotether is portable and is powered by standard AAA  batteries that provide more than 100 hours of protection. Take it from the boat to the beach. If your child, wearing the personal sensor, strays more than 100 feet or goes in the water the alarm will sound.

Part Number: AT-AutotetherSolo

Weight: 5 lbs.
Ships From: CT