Quad DC Water System Pump - 12 Volt - FloJet

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Quad DC Water System Pump - 12 Volt - FloJet


Quad DC Watere System Pumps

Self-priming diaphragm pump with 12v DC electric motor.  Flow rates up to 3.3 gpm, pressure switch control, capable of pressures up to 35 psi.

  • Self-primes up to 2.4m vertical lift
  • Four-piston design delivers higher flow rates
  • Quick-connect plug-in ports for easy installation
  • Pressure-switch control to run the pump only as needed

  • Voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Flow Rate: 3.3 US Gallons/Min (12.5 Litres/Min)
  • Pressure Switch Setting: 15psi (1.1 bar) Cut In, 35psi (2.5 bar) Cut Out  
  • Amp Draw: 3.9 amp  
  • Port Type:  1/2" Hose and 1/2" Thread included  

Part Number: CWR-31410

Weight: 4.6 lbs.
Ships From: NJ