Brownell Boat Stands and Racks

For over 50 years leading shipyards, marinas, and clubs the world over have chosen the Brownell Boat Stand system. Brownell Boat Stands offer safe, secure and versatile handling of any and all boats while they are on land. The solid, American construction ensures many years of quality service, and the wide variety and adjustability of our products allow for quick adaptation to any size or shape of vessel. Brownell Boat Stands are simple and lightweight making them ideal for quick and easy use and movement all around the yard. The solid steel Acme threaded center rod allows for smooth adjustment under load. When in use, Brownell Boat Stands allow yards to store more boats than any other system; when not in use, stands can be stacked or nested for efficient stor-age. When paired with our new staging systems, boat racks and keel stands, the Brownell Boat Stand system promises the most efficient and cost-effective yard possible.

Boat stands are designed as a balancing device. The weight of the boat rests on its keel and is supported by keel stands, keel benches or blocking.  Our stands have been independently tested and still function even under a 30,000lb. / 13,600kg load. Boat stands, also referred to as jack stands or poppets, are essential for the safe storage and winterizing of any boat. Our Boat Stands and Blocks section features stands for both sail and power vessels with various tops and weight ratings to accommodate just about any boater's needs. This section also includes blocks and other products necessary to properly store a boat on land for an extended period of time.

Proper Use:

PORT/STARBOARD SIDES: When ready to use your boat stand,  you must choose an area to store the boat that offers hard, stable ground.  The weight of the boat should rest on its keel.  Please refer to the keel support section below.  The boat stands balance the load.  Boat stands should be placed outboard on the hull for stability.  The stand tops should have a minimum amount of thread exposed with the threaded rod as close to 90° as possible to the hull.  To ensure the rod is close to 90°, the rear legs are placed so that they are parallel to the waterline.  Place the stand bases square to the hull (not twisted fore or aft) with the top surface flat against the hull for stability. A minimum of four boat stands should be used for powerboats and a minimum of five should be used for sailboats; the fifth being a bow stand with a “V” top.  Use a pair of boat stands for each 8 feet or 3 meters of a vessel’s length.  In extremely windy areas or on boats with stepped masts, extra boat stands are highly recommended. 

SAFETY CHAINS: When using safety chain for sailboat stands, the port (or starboard whichever comes first) boat stand is placed in position with the boat stand top snug against the hull. A 3/16" chain is placed in the safety chain notch of this boat stand and the chain is passed athwartship either before, after or under the keel to the starboard, or opposite boat stand chain notch. The starboard boat stand is placed in its approximate position but not snugged tight against the hull at-first; the chain is pulled tight and placed in the starboard boat stand chain notch. Once snug in the chain notch, pull the starboard boat stand outboard until the chain is snug. Tighten the boat stand top, making sure the rear legs of both boat stands are parallel to the hull. Use safety chains and repeat this procedure for all side sailboat stands to prevent the boat stands from sliding up a boat's hull. Keel stands are a fast, labor saving alternative to wood blocks.  They are much faster to install than moving several blocks into each position under the keel.  Since they are adjustable, shims are no longer required.  They are built to last many years and do not deteriorate like wood.

Keel Stands: We always recommend at least two keel stands placed on hard stable ground to carry the boat’s weight. Keel stands are quick to install and are adjustable utilizing the acme threaded rod, thus reducing labor and saving money. One keel stand is recommended for each 10,000 lbs./ 4,550kg of vessel weight. Keel stands are available in two sizes; K-3 (24”-30”/61cm-76cm) and K-4 (16”-24”/40cm-61cm). Our #KP-1 keel stand plate can be utilized under the keel stands to provide additional stability.

Keel Bench: We always recommend a minimum of at least two keel benches placed on hard stable ground to carry the boat’s weight. Keel benches are quick to install and provide a wide surface area (24”/61cm) to support boat with larger and sometime hollow keels. We recommend one keel bench for each 20,000lbs/9,100kg of vessel weight. Keel benches are available in two heights BRB (28”/71cm) and BRB16 (16”/41cm). Our #KP-1 keel stand plate can be utilized under the keel stands to provide additional stability.

Wood Blocking: We always recommend a minimum of two blocking piles placed on hard, stable ground to carry the boat's weight. Each blocking pile consists of four blocks, i.e. 2 base blocks facing fore and aft running parallel to each other, and two blocks placed across the two base blocks for the keel to rest on. This method has proven to reduce sinking of the blocks. For each blocking pile we suggest two of our B-8 (8"x8"x22"/20cmx20cmx56cm) pine blocks for the base blocks and two more B-8 pine blocks placed across the base blocks. Higher or lower blocking piles can be used depending on how the boat drains.

MAINTENANCE: Boat stands and blocks should be checked on a regular basis while your boat is being stored. Make sure the boat stands are snug against the hull and the keel blocks are supporting the keel and not sinking into the ground. Also check the blocks for rotting or splitting. Do not tie tarps to the boat stands. During windy conditions, check more frequently for proper boat shoring and security of our boat stands while they are stabilizing your boat. When not in use, we recommend lubricating the threaded rod section of our tops (WD40 or axle grease may be used). Our nestable and stackable boat stand bases should be kept painted with rust preventative paint. Replace any badly rusted boat stands or rotted blocks.

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