Boat Seat Hardware

Boat Seat Hardware

Great! You’ve finally chosen a seat for your boat that matches the color, style, and price you envisioned. Unless you were able to take advantage of a complete seat package that includes a seat mount (a spider or a slider) and a pedestal, you’ve got to find a way to secure the seat to your boat. That’s where the hardware comes into play. Typically, pedestal mounted seats are manufactured with molded in t-nuts to accept the seat mount of your choice.

The best way to pick your boat seat hardware is to match the manufacturer of the seat to the manufacturer of the seat mount. However, it is not uncommon to see a Todd boat seat mounted on Springfield hardware, or a Wise seat with Todd seat hardware. So, what boat seat parts do you need?

Seat Mounts

There are two styles of marine seat mounts; Spiders and Sliders. Spiders (often available in 5” x 5” bolt pattern) are bolted to the bottom of your seat and allow the seat to be mounted on a pedestal. Spiders only all you 360-degrees of swivel/rotation. Sliders (usually with 5.75” x 11.75” bolt patterns), like spiders, bolt to the seat bottoms, allow for a pedestal mount and 360-degrees of swivel. The advantage of the slider is that it allows the operator to make fore-aft adjustment. On average, sliders allow your seat at least 5” of travel.

The most common bolt pattern used by seat manufacturers is 5.75” x 11.75”. In some cases you will run into a 5” x 5” bolt pattern. Should you find yourself with a seat mount that doesn’t match the seat’s bolt pattern, Todd manufactures plastic and aluminum Mounting Plates so that you can adapt from one pattern to the other.

Seat Base

The most commonly used seat base is the pedestal. Available in varying heights, you are able to custom choose how high or low you want your seat to be. By and far, the most common pedestal diameter is 2 7/8”. Todd Marine, Wise, Tracy International, and Pompanette all offer and use the 2 7/8” pedestal in varying heights in your choice of aluminum or stainless steel.

For boaters that desire non-permanent, movable deck, fishing, and fighting chairs, Quad Bases are available. A quad base is simply a pedestal with four legs. Tempress, Todd Enterprises, and Pompanette all offer quad bases in varying heights. This allows you to move or remove the seats from your deck. Additionally, the seat can be removed from the seat base in favor of a table for an on-deck picnic.

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